Design Your Workflow, Drive Your Success

Utilise the potential of totally tailored workflows with aurastride's composable workflow solution. Avoid the constraints of one-size-fits-all processes and create a workflow that mirrors the unique rhythm and needs of your business.
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Compose Your Process Your Way

Whether streamlining internal work pipelines or mapping out complex processes, our platform bends to your will, empowering you to compose, reshape, and perfect every step along your operational path.

Customisable Processes

With aurastride, you're the architect of your workflows. Design processes that align with the needs of your team, avoid unnecessary steps, and focus on efficiency.

Dynamic Adaptability

Change is constant, and your workflows should keep pace. Our tool allows you to easily modify your processes as your business evolves, without missing a beat.

Cross-Departmental Harmony

Don’t be tied down by technology constraints. Our CMS supports a technology-independent approach, giving you the liberty to choose your tools.

Flex Your Content

Create workflows that connect different parts of your business seamlessly. From sales to support, ensure that everyone works towards a common goal with shared processes.

Clear, Actionable Insights

Monitor how your workflows impact your business with clear analytics. Use these insights to refine your processes and make smarter decisions for smoother operations.

Tailored Workflows for any Industry

Craft and reshape the perfect operational processes for your sector and accelerate business efficiency with aurastride's customisable workflow solutions.
Healthcare: Patient Flow Management
Create tailored workflows to manage patient admissions, treatment plans, and discharge processes efficiently, improving patient care.
Manufacturing: Production Line Efficiency
Compose and fine-tune production workflows to streamline operations, reduce downtime, increase manufacturing output & deliver order on time.
Retail: Inventory Control and Distribution
Manage inventory levels dynamically and coordinate supply chain processes to meet consumer demands more effectively.
IT & Software: Product Development Cycle
Design a flexible product development workflow to manage the lifecycle of software from ideation to release and updates.
Legal Services: Case Management
Create bespoke workflows for handling cases, from initial consultation to resolution, ensuring compliance at every stage.
Marketing: Campaign Execution
Craft and adjust marketing campaign workflows to deliver content, analyse performance, and iterate on strategy.
Nonprofit & NGOs: Fundraising Strategy
Tailor workflows for fundraising campaigns, volunteer coordination, and community outreach to maximise impact.
Hospitality: Guest Experience Optimisation
Enhance guest service workflows to ensure a seamless experience from booking to post-stay follow-up.
Real Estate: Property Sales Process
Streamline the property enquiry, showing, and closing processes with customisable workflows to close more deals faster.
Finance & Banking: Customer Onboarding
Design a fluid workflow for new account creations, loans applications, and account management to improve client satisfaction.
Logistics & Transportation: Route & Delivery Planning
Optimise logistics workflows to manage cargo loading, route planning, and delivery for efficiency.
Ecommerce: Order Management
Customise the order-to-delivery process to manage peak times efficiently and ensure customer satisfaction.

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