Accelerate Business Growth with aurastride

Take your customer relationship management to the next level. aurastride simplifies the heart of your lead management process, giving your team the power to nurture relationships and close deals with ease. 
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Step-up Your Lead Management & CRM Processes

Tailor your CRM approach with a system designed for responsiveness, personalisation, and growth.

Unified Data Hub

Keep all your lead information in one place. aurastride streamlines data access, making lead management smooth and coordinated.

Efficient Collaboration

Bring your teams together. aurastride’s collaborative tools mean sales teams can work in tandem to optimise the lead  journey.

Effortless Follow-Ups

Set activities & automate reminders for follow-ups with aurastride. Keep the conversation going and never miss an opportunity to engage or close a deal.

Centralised Communications

Securely store every interaction in one central hub. Have peace of mind knowing that every email, call log, and customer note is locked in and easy to find.

SLA Monitoring Made Simple

Set your service benchmarks and let aurastride track your team's performance. With SLA oversight baked in, you’re always pushing the limits of great service.

Informed by Insightful Analytics

With aurastride's insightful analytics, every decision is powered by data. Understand your customers, refine your strategies, and see the results roll in.

Sales & CRM Excellence Across Industries

Nurture every lead, enhance each sale, and enrich customer relationships with a CRM that adapts brilliantly to your industry's heartbeat.
Real Estate
Streamline sales processes in real estate, ensuring every client interaction is tracked and every lead is a step closer to 'home.'
Digital Agency
Power up your agency with CRM tools that keep client projects on track and creative collaborations at their peak.
Elevate your ecommerce with CRM practices that convert casual browsers into loyal customers and boost repeat sales.
Amplify client satisfaction and campaign management in advertising with a lead management system that never misses a beat.
Transform patient relationships by enhancing your CRM, ensuring personalised care and timely follow-ups.
Financial Services
Upgrade your financial services with a CRM solution that manages leads, nurtures trust, and delivers tailored advice.
Bring CRM luxury to hotel management, where lead nurturing and guest gratification go hand in hand.
Drive business growth with lead management and CRM tools that keep manufacturing orders and client relationships in precision alignment.
Boost your cause with CRM strategies that engage donors and volunteers, turning leads into lasting support.
Recruitment Agencies
Sharpen your recruitment edge with enhanced CRM tactics that keep the best candidates engaged and ready for placement.
Revolutionise retail with CRM solutions that understand customer behavior and personalise service to elevate the shopping experience.
Refine your client care with CRM processes that fill your salon's chairs and keep appointments seamlessly styled.
Spa and Wellness
Soothe your management headaches with CRM enhancements that let you focus on providing the ultimate wellbeing experience.

Experience The Game-changing Capabilities of aurastride

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