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Experience the freedom and flexibility of headless CMS & composable app to build, scale, and manage your mobile app’s content with ease.
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Next-Gen Mobile Apps Development

aurastride redefines mobile app development by combining the agility of headless CMS with the composable building blocks of modern app architecture. Tailor your app's experience, adapt to the market rapidly, and maintain leading-edge performance with a platform built for the unique demands of mobile ecosystems.

Essential Features for App Builders

Designed for developers and content creators alike, aurastride’s headless CMS and composable app framework equip you with the tools essential for today's mobile-first world.
Headless Architecture
Decoupled content for greater agility, use out-of-the-box APIs to deliver your app’s content across iOS, Android and other platforms.
Composable Content Modeling
Compose tailored content structures that align with your app’s unique needs, no matter how complex.
API-First Approach
Leverage RESTful and GraphQL APIs for dynamic content delivery and app functionality.
Real-Time Content Editing
Update app content in real time, from marketing promos to in-app notifications, directly through aurastride’s intuitive interface.

Seamless Setup, Faster Execution

Launching your app is now easy with our straightforward, step-by-step implementation process.

Set up your content model

Define the content structure and relations within aurastride’s composable platform that aligns with your mobile app’s requirements.

Integrate with aurastride APIs

Connect your mobile app’s frontend with aurastride’s APIs to start bringing your content to life.

Test & iterate

Test your mobile app and make adjustments in real-time using developer-friendly tools.

The aurastride Advantage in App Development

Go beyond conventional app development. aurastride is here to ensure that your mobile app excels in the competitive digital market.

Accelerated Deployment

Out-of-the-box backend and APIs empower you to launch and update your mobile app at speed, reducing time-to-market and staying ahead of digital trends.

Catered Content Experiences

Smart tagging and labelling to deliver personalised content experiences that engage your audience and drive app retention.

Enhanced Performance

Ensure your app performs optimally with efficient content delivery from aurastride’s powerful headless CMS.

Future-proof Scalability

As your user base grows, aurastride’s scalable infrastructure grows with you, ensuring your app’s longevity.

Global Reach with Local Relevance

Utilise aurastride’s capabilities to offer content in multiple languages, reaching a global audience while maintaining local relevance.

Experience The Game-changing Capabilities of aurastride

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