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Organise your digital agency's operational workflows with aurastride. Our headless CMS not only houses your creative content but streamlines every aspect of operations, from ticket to task management and beyond.
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Streamline Workflow, Spark Creativity with aurastride

Maximise your agency's agility with aurastride. In an industry that never sleeps, our headless CMS & composable app serves up the speed and adaptability you need. Manage tasks, streamline development cycles, and manage stunning campaigns, using a versatile platform designed for the digital hustle.

Smart CMS Solution for Progressive Agencies

aurastride offers a comprehensive suite perfect for the dynamic needs of digital agencies. From lead nurturing to fostering client relationships, our platform supports your agency’s every move, freeing you to focus on what you do best: creating remarkable digital experiences.
Knowledge Base & Content Management
Harness the power of aurastride to create a unified knowledge base. Store everything from SOPs to marketing materials in a centralised repository that's accessible and easy to navigate.
Asset Management & Delivery
Manage digital assets with ease and deliver them across multiple platforms, keeping your brand consistent and vibrant everywhere.
Efficient Project Management
Craft your agency's project management lifecycle with aurastride's task management systems, ensuring smooth, efficient operations that sync well with agile methodologies.
Multilingual Content Capability
Cater to a global clientele with the ability to create, store, and manage content in multiple languages, making every campaign and case study universally understood.

Expand Your Agency's Reach with aurastride

Your agency needs to move fast and break barriers—not get slowed down by them. Maximise your agency's effectiveness with aurastride, where efficient operations meet the industry’s gold standard.

Optimised Operational Workflows

Customise workflows to fit the unique rhythm of your agency, seamlessly aligning with the agile development cycles that keep your teams inventive and responsive.

Improved CRM & Client Interaction

Destined for more than just content, aurastride's lead management and CRM features track client interactions and potential leads, ensuring that every opportunity is captured and every relationship is valued.

Streamlined Ticket Management

Take the chaos out of coordination. aurastride brings clarity and speed to ticket management, underpinning successful project delivery time and again.

Centralised Content Repository

Cut through the clutter and focus on creation. With all your content stored centrally, finding and utilising assets becomes easy, saving time and reducing frustration.

Knowledge Base Collaboration

Keep everyone in the know. aurastride's centralised system ensures that all team members can contribute to and benefit from a shared knowledge base, driving consistency and collaboration.

Efficiency Meets Innovation: aurastride in Action

aurastride isn't just a platform; it's an evolution in agency operations. Reimagine the typical workflow of digital agencies into something extraordinary.
Customised Workflow Composition
Design tailored workflows for your unique need, allowing seamless transitions through multiple stages, ensuring your operations move forward smoothly.
Lead Generation and Management
Capture and nurture leads across all digital campaigns with integrated tools.
Enhanced Task Management
Manage daily tasks across multiple accounts with intuitive boards and lists, assign to team members, set deadlines, and track progress all in real time.
Efficient Ticket Management
Streamline client requests and support tickets in a prioritised queue, delivering timely responses and solutions while maintaining clear communication.
Centralised Knowledge Base Management
Develop a comprehensive knowledge base with resources, guidelines, and FAQs. Easily update and categorise content to support both team training and client education.
Agile Project Tracking
Compose & utilise agile workflows to keep track of project progress, deadlines, and deliverables in a dynamic environment.
Dynamic Case Study & Experience Management
Create case studies that showcase your agency's impact. Manage and dynamically distribute these narratives across any frontend.
Asset Organisation
Maintain a well-organised library of creative assets, with easy access and distribution for all projects and teams.
Campaign Management
Orchestrate and synchronise marketing campaigns of web, social media, and email from one central hub.
Omnichannel Content Delivery
Push and adapt content across web, mobile, email, and more, maintaining a cohesive client message.
Localised Content Strategies
Implement localised content strategies for clients targeting specific geographic markets, all from a single interface.
Multi-language Content Management
Operate on a global scale with tools for managing multilingual content effectively.

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