Enriching Media & Entertainment Experiences

Immerse audiences in compelling stories across every screen and platform with aurastride. Our headless CMS is the secret weapon for content creators and distributors in the world of unlimited entertainment possibilities.
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Stage of Digital Entertainment

In a landscape driven by constant innovation, aurastride caters to the Media & Entertainment industry with the agility, scalability, and cutting-edge technology necessary to capture, engage, and captivate audiences worldwide.

Driving Audience Engagement at Scale

Content is king in the world of media, and aurastride is its trusted steward. Enrich your entertainment content management to orchestrate captivating experiences and stay ahead in the crowded digital playground.
Content Personalisation at Scale
Deliver tailored viewing recommendations and curated content feeds to provide a unique experience to each user.
High-Volume Asset Management
Efficiently manage a vast library of digital assets, from print articles to online videos, making them instantly available across various channels.
Syndication & Distribution Control
Seamlessly syndicate content to partner networks and platforms while retaining centralised control over its distribution and analytics.
Event & Broadcast Support
Utilise aurastride to instantly update content during broadcasts, supporting real-time engagement and interactivity.

New Age Digital Storytelling with aurastride

When every second counts in delivering the latest trend, news, or entertainment piece, aurastride's headless CMS takes the stage, ensuring media companies seize the spotlight with content that shines.

Improved Brand Storytelling

Weave compelling brand stories across media channels, reinforcing brand identity and driving deeper audience connections.

Rapid Content Turnaround

Maximise content freshness with a CMS that accelerates the production and publishing pipeline, keeping your offerings relevant and engaging.

Cross-Channel Delivery

Ensure your story reaches the right audience wherever they are, from mobile devices to traditional print, with aurastride's omnichannel capabilities.

Dynamic User Experiences

Craft interactive, data-driven user experiences that transform passive viewers into active participants in the media content you present.

On-Demand Scalability

aurastride scales to meet the demands of on-demand content delivery, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted user access during peak times.

Spotlight Success for Media & Entertainment

From the newsroom to the silver screen, aurastride's use cases in the Media & Entertainment industry showcase versatility and impact, transforming how content reaches and resonates with audiences.
Synchronised Multi-Channel Broadcasts
Effortlessly manage and distribute content across digital platforms, keeping broadcasts synchronised.
Real-Time Event Coverage
Instantly publish updates and media during live events for up-to-the-minute coverage.
Tailored Reading Experiences
Generate customised content recommendations for readers based on their interests and viewing history.
On-Demand Content Libraries
Create vast, easily searchable on-demand libraries for users to enjoy their favorite shows whenever they choose.
Targeted Advertising Platforms
Deliver personalised ads to audiences based on user data and content consumption patterns.
Digital Asset Centralisation
Catalog and retrieve digital assets like photos, videos, and sound clips from a centralised hub.
Content Localisation & Translation
Localise and translate content for international markets with ease, expanding global reach.
Press Release Distribution
Publish and manage press releases and media communications across a variety of channels simultaneously.
Merchandising & eCommerce
Integrate with eCommerce platforms to manage and market merchandise related to entertainment properties.
Subscription & Member Area Management
Operate subscriber-only areas offering premium content and unique experiences.
Fan Community Forums
Foster community among fans with forums and discussion areas around specific shows, movies, or games.
Content Personalisation for eBooks & eMagazines
Provide readers with personalised recommendations for eBooks and digital magazine articles.

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