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Engage students and educators with tailored content that ignites curiosity and fosters learning. aurastride is your partner in crafting seamless educational experiences.
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Shaping Tomorrow’s Digital Learning with aurastride

As learning environments evolve, so do the needs for flexible, accessible content. aurastride's headless CMS meets these needs by enabling educational institutions to manage and distribute content more effectively, facilitating a dynamic learning ecosystem.

The New Chapter in Educational Excellence

Educational content should know no boundaries. aurastride breaks down the walls, allowing for adaptable, engaging, and personalised content delivery across a multitude of platforms and devices.
Accelerate Your LMS Roadmap
Integrate aurastride seamlessly with your LMS (Learning Management Systems) and other ed-tech to enhance the teaching and learning journey.
Curriculum Personalisation
Craft and deliver customised educational journeys to meet diverse student needs and learning styles, all managed from one central location.
Amplified Community Engagement
Keep your community connected with timely updates, event information, and essential academic resources that can be easily accessed by students, faculty, and staff alike.
Multilingual Education Support
Bridge language barriers in education by providing multilingual content, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility to a global student body.

Nurturing Knowledge with aurastride

aurastride redefines content management in education by equipping institutions with features that promote efficient delivery, robust integrations, and streamlined communications.

Agile Content Updates

Craft lessons, modules, and courses tailor-made for diverse educational needs, all while enjoying the agility to update and revise material as required by evolving academic standards.

Collaborative Learning Environments

Ensure that educational content is readily available across multiple platforms, from desktops to tablets and mobile devices, facilitating seamless student-faculty interaction.

Omnichannel Resource Access

Whether it's campus news, policy updates, or assignment postings, distribute information consistently and efficiently, keeping the entire educational community informed.

Resource Centralisation for Ease of Use

Consolidate all educational materials, from lecture slides to reading lists, in one central hub, simplifying access for students and staff.

Integrated CRM for Educational Journeys

Integrate a full lifecycle CRM to manage prospective student inquiries, current student successes, and alumni relations, fostering a continuous and engaged educational journey.

Open the Door to Advancement with aurastride

From lesson planning to alumni engagement, the versatility of aurastride's headless CMS opens up a world of possibilities in education.
Dynamic Curriculum Management
Rapidly update and distribute curriculum content, ensuring educators and learners always have the latest resources at their fingertips.
Seamless LMS Integration
Easily integrate with Learning Management Systems (LMS) to synchronise educational materials and track student progress.
Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) for Learning
Develop engaging, connectivity-independent apps that allow students to access materials offline.
Interactive Learning Modules
Create and manage interactive modules that encourage active learning and improve knowledge retention.
Student and Faculty Portals
Centralise information and tools in custom portals for students and faculty, enhancing the educational experience.
Real-Time Schedule and Calendar Updates
Push immediate updates to calendars and schedules for events, exams, and important dates.
Omnichannel Study Material Access
Provide students with the ability to access study materials on any device, enhancing learning outside the classroom.
Multilingual Content Distribution
Offer course materials in multiple languages, catering to international students and expanding global reach.
Personalised Student Learning
Deliver personalised courses based on the student's background, performance data and learning preferences.
Alumni Engagement Platforms
Drive alumni relations with platforms for networking, events, and giving campaigns, managed through a central content system.
Research Publication and Archiving
Facilitate the publishing, distribution, and archival of research papers and academic journals.
On-Demand Library Services
Manage and provide on-demand access to digital libraries, research databases, and archives.

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