Reshape Your Real Estate Business

Craft engaging real estate listings, deliver localised content, and empower your agents property data with aurastride. Our headless CMS brings innovation and efficiency to the forefront of your real estate business.
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Building the Future of Real Estate with aurastride

In the competitive real estate market, standing out means showcasing properties like no one else can. aurastride enables you to create, manage, and distribute content in ways that captivate buyers and sellers alike, simplifying processes for agents and enhancing experiences for clients.

Broaden The Horizons in Property Management

aurastride redefines property management by focusing on personalised experiences, local insights, and streamlined operations. Our platform is tailored to the fast-paced, diverse needs of the real estate industry.
Personalised Property Recommendations
Enable dynamic property listings with aurastride's smart content capabilities, providing personalised suggestions that align with client preferences and search criteria.
Localised Content Delivery
Deliver region-specific property information and market insights with aurastride's robust localisation tools, ensuring relevance and engagement for prospects in diverse locales.
Unified Information & Media Hub
Centralise all property details, photos, and virtual tours in one place and distribute anywhere with aurastride's headless CMS, making asset management and content updates effortless.
Streamlined Real Estate Operations
aurastride’s composable workflows simplifies other property management tasks from scheduling showings to managing client portfolios, providing a backend for all your real estate activities.

Realise Your Real Estate Vision

Make your mark in real estate by leveraging the core benefits of aurastride. From boosting agent productivity to reaching clients globally, aurastride is your foundation for real estate success.

Accelerated Listing Process

Streamline how you bring properties to market, reducing the time from acquisition to listing with aurastride's rapid content management.

Omnichannel Presence

Ensure your properties shine across all channels, from your website to social media and real estate platforms.

Agent & Client Alignment

Synchronise agent activity and client preferences for a seamless matchmaking experience that leads to faster closings.

Market Responsiveness

Stay agile with the ability to quickly update listings, market conditions, and client communications in response to industry shifts.

Enhanced CRM Operations

Easily manage real estate enquiries and customer relationships with aurastride's integrated CRM features, ensuring a timely follow-up from first contact to final sale.

Expanding Real Estate Possibilities

Explore how headless CMS energises every aspect of the real estate business. From property listings to custom client portals, these use cases illustrate a world of possibilities for agencies looking to innovate and excel.
Consistent Property Content Management
Provide consistent property information across websites, mobile apps and other platforms.
Personalised Client Portals
Offer clients custom portals to view recommended properties based on their preferences.
Real Estate Blogging
Easily update and manage an educational blog to drive traffic and position your agency as a thought leader.
Event Promotion Management
Quickly add and advertise open houses, webinars, and other events.
Client Testimonials
Display and update customer success stories across different digital touchpoints.
Scheduling Viewings
Simplify the booking of property showings and manage agent calendars.
Lead Capture Forms
Create and manage lead capture forms that integrate directly with your CRM.
Document Repository
Store and manage important documents such as guides, contracts, and disclosures.
Tenant and Landlord Portals
Set up dedicated portals for tenants and landlords to access personalised content and manage relationships.

Experience The Game-changing Capabilities of aurastride

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