Headless CMS & Composable App for Your Digital Transformation

Step into the next generation of tech development with aurastride, where the future of digital innovation is realised today. Being at the forefront of headless CMS and composable app technology, our platform equips businesses and developers with the tools to architect their digital transformation and lead the tech innovation.
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Your Key to App Success

Transform any database into a headless engine for your applications, perfectly synchronised with your specific requirements & real-time information exchange.
No Code Schema Sculpting
Easily design your app's foundation with no-code schema sculpting. Use our user-friendly interface to shape and structure your schemas without writing a single line of code.
Versatile Content Fields
Craft a content architecture as unique as your app with versatile content fields. From text to images, customise data storage to match your application's specific requirements, using a flexible CMS that responds to your evolving needs.
Frontend Freedom
Enjoy the freedom to choose the frontend frameworks and tools that your developers love. Enable them to build cutting-edge user interfaces that bring your content life with style and interactiveness.
Centralised Content Repository
Take control of your app's structured content. Manage, update, and distribute content across various platforms from one central touchpoint, ensuring consistency and integrity.
Out-of-the-Box Ready Backend
Skip the hassle of backend development with aurastride. Our fully equipped backend solution fast-tracks your development roadmap. Focus on creating the best app experiences with our integrated backend services.
Optimised Internal Workflows
Create and optimise your internal workflows with intuitive interfaces and powerful automation capabilities that allow you to embed your real-world processes into the user-friendly digital platform, streamlining efficiencies and increasing productivity.

How It Works

Dive into the simple steps that make aurastride tick. Here’s a snapshot of how our platform can work wonders for you – just craft, compose, connect, and scale up!
Craft your content model just the way you want it. Build dynamic structures that breathe life into your vision.
Shape your app, tweak and tune as you go. Keep up with the evolving needs and personalised preferences.
Connect your digital world. Seamlessly integrate aurastride with new or existing apps, tools, platforms, and services.
Launch your applications confidently and watch them grow. Know that you've got the room to stretch and the smarts to keep getting better.

Feature-Rich Platform for Next-Level Digital Presence

Take your digital experience to new heights, blending intuitive functionality with advanced capabilities tailored for today’s digital demands.
Intuitive Editing Experience
Create and manage content with an interface designed for simplicity, enabling users to edit and publish with ease and precision.
Rich Media Library
House and manage all your digital assets efficiently using a rich media library, assuring your assets are always at your fingertips.
Expand your reach with localisation support, allowing you to connect with audiences globally by delivering content in their local language.
RESTful & GraphQL Content APIs
Connect and extend your content's utility with our extensive RESTful and GraphQL content APIs, offering seamless third-party integrations and data handling.
Content Personalisation Capabilities
Engage users uniquely with smart tagging and labeling, enabling dynamic content personalisation that resonates with individual preferences.
Granular Permission
Define user roles and permissions with fine-tuned precision, providing secure access to content management across your organisation.
Built-in CRM
Seamlessly manage and nurture client relationships with built-in CRM features, ensuring every engagement is tracked, analysed, and optimised.
Centralised Communication
Enhance your team's collaboration and customer interactions with centralised communication hub, guaranteeing consistent messaging and efficient information sharing.
Security & Compliance
Safeguard your data and ensure compliance with international standards through aurastride's end-to-end encryption & robust security measures.

Experience The Game-changing Capabilities of aurastride

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