Inbuilt CRM
Optimise customer relationships and lead handling workflows to heighten customer engagement.
Adaptable Lead Stages
Configurable lead pipeline stages to meet dynamic business needs, adding agility to sales and CRM maintenance.
Contact Management
Keep track of all customer interactions, ensuring detailed profiles are maintained for personalised communication and service.
Related Leads
Identify leads connected to the same contact, providing key insights into past interactions, preferences, and transaction histories.
SLA Tracking
Integrated Service Level Agreement (SLA) tracking, ensuring that every stage of your sales funnel meets set standards.
Configurable Lead Information
Tailor your CRM to fit your unique informational needs with custom fields, allowing you to capture and store specialised data points about your leads.
Effective Team Management
Facilitate effective team management with refined roles, permissions, and viewable data scopes, promoting transparent collaboration.
Intelligent Lead Distribution
Leverage a rules-based engine to distribute leads efficiently across your team.
Manage Duplicates
Easily review and consolidate duplicate contact and organisation entries to maintain a clean and organised database.
Task & Deal Tracking
Manage tasks associated with leads and deals, tracking progress and ensuring timely actions to move prospects through the sales funnel.
Activity Alerts & Reminders
Stay on top of all CRM-related activities with automated alerts and reminders for follow-ups, meetings, and other customer-related activities.
Segmentation & Targeted Strategies
Segment leads and customers based on various criteria, deploying targeted marketing and sales strategies.
Web to Lead Automation
Instantly convert web activity to leads, capturing pivotal opportunities automatically.
Email to Lead Conversion
Link emails directly to lead records, streamlining emails to leads to management.
Lead Journey Analytics
Track lead progress and gain instant insights to refine sales strategies and CRM dynamics.
Sales Pipeline Visualisation
Gain insights into each stage of the sales process with clear pipeline visualisation.
Dashboard for Instant Analytics
Leverage a dynamic, real-time dashboard for data-centric strategic planning.
Performance Reporting
Generate reports on CRM activities and performance for informed business decisions.
Lead Snapshot
Gain an instant overview of leads snapshots that provide key information at a glance to drive your sales strategy.
Sales Overview & Tracking
Get a quick summary of sales figures in your preferred currency, simplifying financial assessments and forecasting.
Lead Analytics
Lead analytics, uncovering trends, behaviors, and conversion rates that inform and optimise your lead generation and nurturing strategies.

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