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Scale up your travel business to new heights with aurastride. Where every journey begins with a story, make sure yours is heard across the globe with our exceptional headless content management platform.
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Smooth Sailing with aurastride

In the ever-evolving landscape of the travel trade, businesses face the challenge of delivering timely, relevant, and captivating content across multiple channels. Visitor expectations are sky-high, demanding personalised experiences and instant access to information. aurastride's headless CMS & composable app meets these challenges head-on, offering a robust platform that adapts to the flows of travel business needs, keeping your business steadily ahead in the race.

A Journey Further with aurastride

Engage your audience with rich, dynamic content that's as boundless as the destinations you offer. Take off with features designed to help your travel business reach new horizons.
Real-Time Updates Across the Globe
Offer your travelers the latest information on destinations, tours, and travel advisories by updating once and publishing everywhere with aurastride's powerful APIs.
Personalised Experiences
Create and deliver personalised content and travel recommendation based on traveler preferences by utilising aurastride's powerful content personalisation capabilities.
Ease of Content Localisation
Manage and publish content in multiple languages and formats, tailored for various markets, all from a single interface within aurastride.
Rich Media Management
Simplify managing and delivering high-quality images, videos, virtual tours, and other forms of engaging content that bring travel destinations to life.

Route to Success for Your Travel Business

Your content isn't just information; it's the gateway to your customers' next great adventure. aurastride comes with the benefits that not only streamline operations but also enhance every traveler's experience from start to finish.

Flexible Content Management

Streamline your content workflow with aurastride’s headless CMS, offering you the agility to quickly adapt and deliver flexible content across various channels, keeping travelers informed and engaged.

Scalable to Travel Industry Trends

aurastride grows with your business needs, effortlessly adapting to market changes and travel trends, ensuring your infrastructure is always a step ahead and never a bottleneck.

Unified Content Management

Manage all your content from one central hub, whether it's destination overviews, real-time travel advisories, or engaging blog posts, aurastride makes it easier to maintain consistency and update content across the channels.

Optimised Traveler Relationships & Engagements

Deepen relationships with your clientele with aurastride's CRM capabilities. Ensure every interaction, from initial interest to post-trip follow-up, is a step towards loyalty and unforgettable experiences.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

aurastride harmonises with your existing ecosystems, connecting with websites, booking systems, apps and other platforms to offer a seamless service - minimise integration headaches and maximise time delighting your customers.

Expand Horizons with aurastride

aurastride brings a world of possibilities to your travel content management. Standout with our headless CMS that enables you to craft exceptional, globe-spanning traveler experiences.
Curated Excursion Showcases
Curated collections of tours and excursions, complete with vibrant images and detailed descriptions.
Personalised Destination Content
Tailor destination guides, itinerary suggestions and travel tips based on user preferences and behavior.
Multilingual Travel Guides
Create & manage travel guides & itineraries in multiple languages to cater to international travelers.
Real-Time Travel Alerts
Delivering up-to-date travel advisories and safety information across various platforms.
Inspirational Travel Blogs
Seamlessly publishing and updating travel stories, blogs, and photo essays to inspire potential customers.
Centralised Tour Descriptions
Managing detailed tour information and updates from a single point.
Personalised Itinerary Suggestions
Enabling travelers to build their own itineraries with personalised suggestions.
Location-Based Marketing
Distributing targeted offers and promotions based on the user's location or search history.
Seasonal Travel Campaigns
Quickly launch seasonal content like holiday packages or summer getaways.
Destination Microsites
Quickly build and manage microsites dedicated to specific destinations or promotions.
Event and Festival Promotions
Promoting local events and festivals to tourists through timely festive content updates.
FAQs and Customer Support
Keeping a repository of frequently asked questions and answers for easy traveler access.
Customer Reviews & Feedback
Gather and manage traveler reviews & feedback to improve services and personalise future content.
Travel Media Management
Hosting and managing a repository of destination images, videos and virtual tours.
Virtual Reality Experiences
Managing and delivering VR content for destinations to give travelers a taste of the experience before booking.

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